HeatMax Hot Hands 2 Handwarmer (40 Pairs)

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Hand Warmers are a must have item in cold weather and can be the difference between freezing and being comfortable.  They also have many uses beyond just warming your hands, here’s a list of other uses while enjoying the chilly outdoors.

  1. Sleeping bag booster- Toss one or two in your bag 15 minutes before you crawl in to preheat the bag and give you heat source for the night
  2. Propane tank heater-  Place one of the adhesive backed pads on your propane tank to prevent from freezing and to give better output when really cold.
  3. Dry your boots- Toss in overnight to help dry out boots and have warm boots in the morning.
  4. Boost your coffee cup- Stick a pad on your coffee mug to keep your Joe hot for longer.
  5. Fight hypothermia- Stick under armpits on in groin area to lift body temps
  6. Soothe sore muscles- apply to sore muscles to easy pain and loosen up muscles.
  7. Use on electronic gear to dry out moisture and warm batteries.
  8. Melt drink water in an emergency
  9. Keep water bottle from freezing.
  10. And finally, use to keep hands and feet warm.

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