Bear Vault


  • Approved Canister of Choice: BearVault is approved by all National Parks and all National Forests with canister regulations; For a safe outdoor experience, take a BearVault with you on the trail or while exploring in bear country; Perfect for Long Distance Trails: 9 out of 10 PCT Thru-Hikers use a BV500
  • Every Ounce Matters: This is THE lightest plastic bear container on the market, for its volume; This model stores approximately 7 days of food for one person, perfect for groups sharing food, or for extended hikes
  • Clear and Easy to Use: Where’s your breakfast? BearVault is transparent and has a wide opening so you can easily find and grab items, without emptying the contents onto the forest floor; The lid is tool-free lid: no fiddling or losing small parts; Built-in strap guides enable you to strap it onto your pack
  • Durable, Doubles as a Seat: Rugged and impact resistant; Useful around camp, it also doubles as a camp stool
  • Grizzly & Black Bear Tested: Keep your food and scented items protected from raids by bears, rodents, and other wildlife; Tested and approved by Grizzly (IGBC) and Black Bear (SIBBG) Testing Facilities
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