Tool Kit


(The DeWALT tools are ~25% off MSRP. The ShopRoll is ~15% off MSRP. See below for details.) You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into creating your overland rig, so you won’t want to stock it with cheap hand tools that will snap while you’re doing a backcountry repair. ATC has partnered with DeWALT to create a set of the highest quality mechanics hand tools, a set that is available only here at ATC. This curated selection provides great versatility. And the ruggedly durable ShopRoll minimizes space consumed in your vehicle, thereby streamlining your travel. Since both ATC and DeWALT offer lifetime warranties, this is one-time shopping. You’ll never need to buy any of this again. These aren’t the cheap hand tools that you can buy as a set at {fill-in-the-blank} superstore. They feel completely different, both functionally and aesthetically. They are designed specifically for professional mechanics, full-sized tools allowing maximum torque. The wrenches are fully chromed, as are the socket sets, and smooth-handled, so that they won’t bite into your hand when using. And unlike huge, commercially available tool sets, which are filled with tools that never get used because they don’t fit your vehicle, this set is specifically designed to address common mechanical problems that occur in the field on a wide range of rigs. Before listing the included tools, we’ll do a little math. The 66 DeWALT tools retail (MSRP) for ~$427.12. We’re taking 25% off that price. The ShopRoll retails for ~$100. We’re taking ~15% off. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive tool kit, this is not only a versatile set. It’s also a great deal.

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